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It’s common to get roof leaks due to storm damage, hail or excessive winds. We thoroughly inspect your roof, and repair it with the highest quality of work. Not only that, we certify your roof against future leaks. We are in the business of providing assurance that your roof is LeakFREE®. The goal of our NRCIA-certified roof installer is to maximize your roof’s life by providing quality roof repair work for home, churches and commercial properties.

Cypress Roofer is certified by National Roof Certification Inspection Association

Traditional roofing contractors prefer to focus on roof replacements and new roofs. You would be surprised how many times roof repair contractors recommend re-roofing even when there is minor roof leak. Since they are not in the business of saving money for their clients, they would rather hand off the roof repair work to someone else.

Cypress Roofing is different.

roof repair and installationOur difference lies in the fact that our roofing inspectors and installers will inspect any roof and provide a timely estimate on repairs needed to fix any leaks found in the roof. They will inspect the whole roof (and not just the leak area), create a written report, complete with photographs, and provide an estimate for the cost of the roof repairs needed. These repairs will certify your roof’s condition with our LeakFREE® Roof Certification warranty for the next one to five years. This alternative is very compelling and affordable compared to the norm of spot repair, then taking a chance on new roof leaks appearing elsewhere, which is most often found in the roofing industry.

A Cypress Roofing contractor can provide same-day emergency repair service if necessary (for existing clients). The purpose of emergency roof repairs is to mitigate future damage of the roof and the inside of a house when there has been unrepaired roof damage. Be assured that our contractors will treat you with utmost care, transparent estimates and reasonable pricing.

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