Quality Replacement Roofs

Cypress Roofing specializes in recovering and replacing roofs. We dedicate ourselves to help you get the most out of your existing roof, but every roof eventually wears out or leaks due to storm damage, hail or excessive winds. If our roof inspection indicates that affordable repairs cannot keep your roof leak free for at least two years, we will recommend that you re-roof.

You can be rest assured that when we re-roof, we use only the highest quality materials and make every effort to make sure that your new roof will be leak free and price effective. After all, that’s our reputation!

Cypress Roofer is certified by National Roof Certification Inspection Association

Roof Satisfaction Guarantee

We strive to make you completely satisfied with your new roof, even down to the small little details (SLDs). If you are not satisfied with our workmanship at any time before the job is completed, we make the appropriate corrections at our expense so that we can ensure you will be a satisfied customer. We follow the Roofing industry best practices, and roof manufacturer installation and code standards.

LeakFREE® Roof Warranty

All standard re-roofing done with Cypress Roofing automatically enrolls your roof in at least 1 year LeakFREE® Warranty program protecting you against future roof repair work. If you want an extended warranty, then Extended LeakFREE® Warranties are also available for up to 5 years on certain roofs. All LeakFREE® Warranties include a LeakFREE® Roof Certification and free annual maintenance inspection on the anniversary of the new roof. Your new roof will receive the nationally-recognized industry-standard NRCIA Certification.

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