Metal Roof Systems installation by Cypress Roofing is the Difference

We specialize in repairing and replacing all types of metal roofing.

We use OEM manufacturer metal roofing products.  Our metal roofing is installed according to industry standards and manufacturer specifications.  This provides a manufacturer backed warranty.  There is a difference.

Cypress Roofer is certified by National Roof Certification Inspection Association

Advantages of Cypress Roofing Metal Roofs:

Protecting your home or building with a Cypress Roofing installed metal roof system has several advantages over other types of roof installers:

  1. We start with identifying existing roof system and educating the client on what type of metal roof system would be best for each situation.
  2. Second, we build your metal roof system from the decking up.  Using the correct underlayment, water barriers, flashings, and fasteners specified by the manufacturer and installed with care and precision.
  3. Third, we supervise the installation from tear off to completion.  If we identify any hidden issues, we communicate immediately with the client and determine the best way to remedy the situation in order to provide the best quality, longest lasting roof system possible.

Types of Metal Roof Systems:

Exposed Fastener – R-Panel, V-Crimp:

Exposed fastener metal roofs are profiled metal panels that overlap and are attached with screws.  The screws should have rubber gaskets, be of appropriate length, and be used in the proper spacing.  We prefer to install decking and underlayment when installing exposed fastener metal roofing for your added protection and roof longevity.  Other aspects of the system should include foam closure strips at the peak and eaves as well as butyl tape between panel joints.  All of these components along with proper material take-off and installation are why we are different when it comes to choosing your roofing company.

Standing Seam:

Standing Seam or “hidden fastener” metal roof systems are the top of the line in metal roofing.  We install these systems over decking using the appropriate manufacturer approved underlayment.  We use OEM fastening clips (not brick ties or metal straps).  We custom specify and run panels for your roof using the gauge and color chosen by the client.  Our flashings and detail work are custom fitted to each standing seam roof system that we install.  The combination of using the correct underlayment, OEM metal panels, and detailed flashings will give you a roof that will withstand the Texas weather for decades to come and improve the aesthetics and value of your home or business.

Commercial Grade:

Contact us to discuss all the commercial metal roof systems that we are certified to install.

Don’t wait another day without protection and peace-of-mind with your new metal roof system!

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